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Sanitation and child health in India

with Britta Augsburg

World Development (2018)

Our study contributes to the understanding of key drivers of stunted growth, a factor widely recognised as major impediment to human capital development. Specifi cally, we examine the e ffects of sanitation coverage and usage on child height for age in a semi-urban setting in Northern India. We use instrumental variables to control for endogeneity of sanitation usage coverage. We fi nd that sanitation coverage plays a signi cant and positive role in height growth during the fi rst years of life.

Published version:

Replication data: GitHub DengueBehavioural

Below: the marginal effects of increasing sanitation coverage by 1 pp. on the standardised height-for-age score by age of the child. An increase of ten percentage point in sanitation coverage is translated into approximately 0.7 centimetres increase for a four year old child.

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